• Verniciatura certificata / Certified painting

    Verniciatura certificata / Certified painting


The painting process has a dual function: aesthetic and protective against atmospheric agents.
In most cases, before being painted, the material needs protection or masking to protect areas which have not to be painted, such as mass areas, threads, holes, flares, etc. Carbon fiber elements (photo) such as fairings, bodywork, and master model often have areas to sand, fill and smooth before being painted.
In the first painting step, applying a layer of primer is useful to tie the enamel to the material to be coated and significantly increases its adhesion.
This work is carried out in three different coating plants, next-generation pressurized cabins in controlled atmosphere, able to release (if requested by customer) the certified documents on the work performed as per specifications:
• processing temperature
• processing time
• moisture content
• drying material times.
PCT paintings foresee the final use of certified micrometer, a tool of measure that guarantees the exact thickness of the material applied to the customer's specifications and/or manufacturing cycle. This type of surface treatment is used on aluminum, iron, steel, titanium, carbon fiber, Kevlar, various resins and virtually on all those materials employed in industry.

• Data log user interface for temperature monitoring during painting phases. The GREEN line indicates the SET temperature. The BLUE line indicates the ACTUAL temperature.

• Certified micrometer.