PCT, un partner affidabile (UK)

PCT, a reliable partner

The human and professional heritage, combined with the attention to new forms of knowledge application, represent the winning mix for PCT to evolve towards specializations of excellence. Born out from decades of experience in surface treatments in the painting field, today PCT represents a reliable partner for extra processing in the upstream and downstream phases of the painting process, maintaining the tradition of craftsmanship as a guarantee of work skillfully performed.
Paintings and custom extra processing on aluminum, steel, titanium, carbon fiber, Kevlar and virtually all metals employed in several areas:
• aircraft industry
• shipbuilding industry
• power generation
• automotive
• earth-moving machinery
• mechanical engineering
• moulding industry

Solutions to meet the different production requirements of customers such as to increase the resistance of metals or for aesthetic finishes (metal and/or mechanical parts) or even for cleaning by oxidation (removal of welds’ defects and burrs).