Finitura superficiale (UK)

Suface finishing

In some sectors (fashion, interior design, arts and crafts, design and also high-tech sectors) final finishing processes are extremely important as they give great added values to the treated objects. Let’s consider a typical application: moulds, oil- hydraulic components.
For these applications it is more important surface homogeneity rather than finishing.
Let’s consider an aluminum alloy part which has previously undergone other mechanical processes before the finishing treatment. The surface shows signs of scratches and marks caused by the mechanical process itself or transportation of the part. The parts must be treated to restore the uniform finish of the surface. In this case we recommend the use of glass or ceramic microballs, for the characteristically bright surface.
Surface finishing is affected by microballs size because each microball leaves a sort of micro-mark on the metal, which reflects light in a different direction. So we can obtain surfaces having different bright levels. Depending on the process mark depth it may be necessary to raise the working pressure. We do not recommend the use of heavy pressure or direct pressure systems to avoid material failure.