Sbavatura (UK)


Deburring is perhaps the main application of sandblasting/shot-peening processes. After undergoing milling or boring processes, work pieces in all machine and turner shops need to be deburred.
Ductile metal parts generally have easily visible, soft burrs. Hard ferrous materials have fragile, hardly visible burrs.
Removing burrs is usually an easy problem, but unfortunately it’s very expensive.
In PCT different types of grits can be used to remove burrs. Glass microballs or corundum are widely used. Well-anchored burrs are not easily removed by glass microballs. Corundum, thanks to its highly abrasive action, can remove well-anchored burrs easily. We recommend the use of 100 – 200 micron glass microballs or about 80 – 150 mesh corundum. Deburring times in manual mode are of a few seconds per work piece.